How much will it cost?

We believe that, with our help, most separating couples are able to reach agreement about their children and financial arrangements, at minimum cost.
If you qualify for Legal Aid the 1-2-1 meeting and whole mediation process is free of charge. If your former partner qualifies for Legal Aid and you do not, then the 1-2-1 meeting and the first mediation session will be free of charge for you (signing of court forms is not included). If you or your partner are not eligible for Legal Aid then our fees are listed below.


Read what our clients have said about us…

  • "I was sceptical about attending first and a bit worried about the process but it really did help. Me and my ex are communicating much better and the kids have noticed. Really good"
    C.K. - Barnstaple (March 2019)

  • "I thought mediation would be a lot harder but we were so well supported throughout the process - thank you"
    K.L. - Barnstaple (March 2019)

  • "My and my ex went to mediation and sorted out the finances. I thought it would be expensive but it wasn't. The mediator was so helpful and professional. Would recommend"
    S.D. - Ilfracombe (March 2019)

  • "Service was great and we managed to get an agreement in place about the kids and it didn't cost anything. Would definitely suggest mediation instead of court"
    T.D. Bideford (March 2019)

  • "I thought mediation would be a waste of time as me and my ex are always arguing but after just two sessions we were able to sort out contact for the rest of the year. Its a big relief as I thought we would going to court. Thanks so much"
    D.F. - Bude (March 2019)

About Our Service

Compass Resolution offers Family Mediation in the Barnstaple and North Devon area. If you are thinking of separating or divorcing and need to sort out arrangements for your children, the family finances and property, then please give us a call.
We can also help parents who have already separated but are having difficulties with child contact arrangements. This service is free if you qualify for Legal Aid - and lots of our clients do qualify. If you don't qualify then our rates are extremely competitive and we offer flexible payment plans. If you want to talk to a mediator directly and without having to make an appointment then please give us a call in confidence on 01271 320761.